Farming the Gwent Levels Sustainably

Credit: Gareth James

The LLNH-7 Farming the Gwent Levels Sustainably project is working with farmers to develop management systems that incorporate diversity and will seek to embed this in future management of the landscape. By developing a process of assessing farm operations and analysing existing drivers for management decisions, tools will be created which can be used to meet targets more sustainably to ensure a legacy for the continued management of natural heritage assets in the Gwent Levels.

The tools could then be used to assess other farm businesses on other landscapes and could be useful for developing the next phase of Welsh agri-environment support post Brexit. Demonstrating how public funding could be directed in the future to promote sustainable land management that delivers a range of public benefits will be a key legacy outcome of the project. Contact Fiona to discover more about how we plan to work with and support local farmers and landowners.

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Project Lead
RSPB Cymru

Project Timeline
March 2019 – June 2021

Living Levels reference

Contact Contact
Lewis Stallard, Sustaining the Gwent Levels Project Officer