Living Levels Learning Resource

This unique learning resource has been created for teachers who are working with children and young people in Keys Stages 1 to 3. The information and activities provide you with the information and context you need for teaching children about their local area, both in the classroom and outdoors.

Click on the images below to download PDF versions of the learning resources:

How is the resource designed for me?

The resource is split into six parts based on a curious question and themes. The front covers of each part give a visual flavour of what is featured in them.

Within each part there are sections that cover different aspects of the question. You will find detailed information and background for each question followed by suggestions of activities to do and places to go, related website to visit and books to read. At the end of each part there is  big picture for you to analyse and discuss with your class.

The six curious questions are:

  1. How has the landscape of the Gwent Levels changed over time?

  2. How does water on the Gwent Levels affect our lives?

  3. Wildlife on the Gwent Levels – How can we enjoy and protect it?

  4. What lies below the water beyond the sea wall?

  5. How was the Gwent Levels used to produce food?

  6. How have people, past and present, moved around the Gwent Levels?