The LLDM-2 Hubs project is working to create a layered network of visitor and community hubs across the Levels which will provide new information, orientation and interpretation to help people discover and explore the fascinating heritage of the Gwent Levels.

A series of primary visitor hubs will be created which will help visitors discover the heritage of a range of sites across the Levels and act as a base from which to explore the region more widely. At a community level, hubs will help link communities with what is on their doorstep through a mix of new physical provision (signage and information) and activities. Wider orientation improvements from train stations and a network of museums around the Levels will help signpost people to the Levels for a visit. Keep an eye out for updates as and when new information is added and if you want to find out more or get involved please contact us!

Project Lead
Living Levels Access and Interpretation Officer

Project Timeline
July 2018 – December 2020

Living Levels reference

Chris Harris
Living Levels Access and Interpretation Officer