Inspire! Churches on the Levels

The LLDM-6 Churches on the Levels project is researching local history of the churches of the Levels. The research is focusing on the influence of the churches on the landscape and will inform a series of new exhibits to be mounted in six churches across the Levels.

Access to several churches will be promoted with interpretation added and two new heritage trails will be developed on routes leading to the churches. The medieval churches on the Levels are focal points in the landscape – not least because their spires provide vertical markers rising above the low-lying fields of the surrounding landscape. They have been focal points for communities around them, witnessing and bearing the scars of life and death on the Levels – such as the catastrophic flood of 1607. A large part of the story of the Levels is wrapped up in the churches and the communities living around them. Please get in touch if you want to get involved or want to share any information on the story of churches in the Levels with us!

Project Lead
Living Levels Access and Interpretation Officer

Project Timeline
August 2018 – December 2019

Living Levels reference

Chris Harris
Living Levels Access and Interpretation Officer