Calling all Oral History professionals!

Have you got experience in oral history recording, editing, and archiving? Would you like to lead a fantastic project under the Living Levels Landscape Partnership programme which will capture and record the memories of a range of different communities living in the historic and unique Gwent Levels landscape? The Living Levels Partnership team is looking to contract the services of an expert in Oral History to provide training and supervision of volunteers participating in the Living Levels LLS-3 ‘Stories from the Levels’ project.

Background information about the project

 The purpose of the project is to record and interpret the history of the Gwent Levels through working with its communities and by creating sustainable partnerships with the individuals, organisations and community groups within it.

Through oral history recordings and the production of a touring exhibition consisting of people’s stories, archive material, photographs, film, and other outputs as decided by the communities, the project will involve local people in finding out about the Levels’ significance and enable them to disseminate the story in an engaging manner.

As well as being inherently interesting stories to record and archive, the stories that will be told are also likely to convey more recent memories. These will explore how different resident Levels communities have experienced the significant changes to the Levels landscape character as brought about by the building of major industry infrastructure such as Usk Power Station, the Steelworks and the railway tunnel under the Severn. Transcribing these experiences will not only generate rich and interesting stories to help bring the history of the Levels to life for use by the partnership during its events, it will also help build a picture of the emotional response to the cumulative impacts of major development in the landscape over time.

For more information about the opportunity please see the full notice which is advertised here or contact – We look forward to hearing from you!