Mind your Bees and Peas-Shrill Carder bee training with the Pollinators project!

Intrepid Pollinator volunteers were put through their Bee Identification paces by Bumble Bee Conservation Trust's Sinead Lynch at a windswept Newport Wetlands this week. Coming face to face with our rare species, the Shrill Carder bee, were Krysten Walker, Elliot Waters and Chloe Jones. Spotting the difference between these elusive nectar gatherers and their sun-faded cousins, the Common Carders, did sometimes swing from initial excitement to some disappointment as our volunteers competed for the accolade of 'first to spot' the Shrill Carder. The strong summer sun has caused some Common Carders to fade - or get surfer-highlights, whichever way you want to look at it - and therefore closely resemble the grey/white tinged fur of their rare cousins. However, once the team 'got their eye in', they were finding them on a range of 'pea' species such as vetch, everlasting long-leaved pea and bird's foot trefoil.

If you would like to volunteer for the Pollinator Project then please contact: sinead.lynch@bumblebeeconservation.org