Enforcement action to increase against fly-tipping following community clean-up of Green Lane!


Thanks to the coordinated efforts of partners and volunteers, nearly two tonnes of fly-tipping and litter was removed from Green Lane, Marshfield over two days in November. On Thursday November 8th, teams from Natural Resources Wales cleared 1.5 tonnes of commercial waste, some of it hazardous including oil cans and metallic waste but also many tyres and other rubble from along the Lane. The following day, volunteers from Fly-tipping Action Wales, Keep Wales Tidy, Natural Resources Wales, and the Marshfield Magpies as well as local Councillors Richard White and Tom Suller from Marshfield Ward joined in the clean-up operation.  It was a good morning’s work and altogether 25 volunteers picked up 96 bags of litter from along the lane in just over an hour and a half. Newport City Council disposed of the waste that was cleared on both days. This was a great example of partnership working in action! Whilst it was sad to see so much waste in the first place it was heart-warming to see so many people coming out (in the rain!) and doing something about it.

 Enforcement action will increase in the Levels as a result of our #blackspotstobrightspots project. No fly-tipping signs warning of cameras that will soon patrol the area were erected at the end of the morning. These cameras will be used to help gather evidence which could lead to criminal proceedings. Fly-tipping enforcement Officer Pamela Jordon from Natural Resources Wales will be increasing the levels of surveillance and monitoring of fly-tipping as a result of the Living Levels. For more information about the project, please contact the project manager from Fly-tipping Action Wales Jayne Carter.