Pollinating the Levels

The LLNH-2 Pollinating the Levels project will work with a range of target audiences and stakeholders to improve the connectivity and availability of suitable habitat for rare species of which the rare Shrill Carder bee is a key target species. Work will include habitat improvements to increase forage resource, shelter and nesting habitat for pollinating insects and other invertebrates, helping to achieve a resilient ecological network at a landscape scale.

The project will also engage a wide range of audiences in identification, survey and habitat management techniques to improve the collective body of knowledge on bumblebee distribution on the Levels whilst contributing towards a national recording scheme. Work with volunteers will result in more community engagement with the landscape’s natural heritage and improved awareness of the national importance for Shrill Carder bee. This project will also act as a means to promote biological recording on the Levels. Data collated will be submitted to the Local Record Centre SEWBreC and used as a means to assess the success of habitat delivery long-term. Contact Sinead and Clare to find out how you can help pollinators and get involved with one of our events and volunteer activities.

Project Lead
Buglife Cymru and Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Project Timeline
March 2018 - March 2021

Living Levels reference

Clare Dinham, Buglife Cymru
and Sinead Lynch, Bumblebee Conservation Trust