Recapturing the Historic Landscape

Image Credit: Peter Britton

The LLS-2 Recapturing the Historic Landscapes project is targeted at anybody with an interest in the history of the Levels. The project will use the 1830s Commissioners of Sewers maps – which have been digitised and uploaded to a project GIS – as a starting point to explore the development of the landscape of the Levels, particularly in relation to the drainage of the land to allow farming, industry and habitation.

This exciting project will provide volunteering activities and professional supervision and training for people to undertake a wide range of cultural and historical tasks including: archive research, GIS mapping, building recording, walkover surveys, archaeology and submitting records to the Historic Environment Record. Archive-based activities will introduce volunteers to documentary and cartographic research, enabling skills to be developed in data analysis and transcription. Field-based activities will allow volunteers to ‘ground-truth’ the information collected during the archival research and walkover surveys will help us discover which aspects from the 1830s maps survive in the modern landscape. Where possible, archaeological excavations will be carried out and volunteers will receive training to understand and interpret the buried archaeological resources.

Data collected will be uploaded to the central GIS by volunteers and records will be deposited in local collections and with the local Historic Environment Record. This will be a fascinating opportunity to engage with the unique historic landscape and ensure that historical records are preserved for future generations. To find out about how you can get involved with this project, please contact Gavin!

Project Lead
Professional archaeologists and landscape historians

Project Timeline
June 2018 – December 2020

Living Levels reference

Gavin Jones
Living Levels Community Engagement Officer