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BioBlitz the House!


If you visited Tredegar House last summer you may have stumbled across an unusual sight in the parkland. 

The far end of the typically perfectly mown pleasure grounds became a maze of long grass and meandering pathways as part of our priority grassland project.  A total of 12 hectares are now priority grassland habitats with the view to integrate further wildflower species in the future. 

With a staggering decline in Britain’s wildflower meadows we are working hard to play our part in protecting these important habitats and giving nature a home to thrive. When you visit this summer,  keep your eyes peeled for the swifts and swallows feeding on the thrips in the Orchard Garden or marvel at the bright colours of the damselflies and Commas now found in the parkland.

Join us to explore and record the biodiversity of the grounds of this fantastic house. Expert wildlife recorders and resources will be on hand to help with species identification, plus you will be able to learn how to use apps and websites to turn your sightings into records.

Meet at: Tredegar House

Please note: There are car park charges at this venue